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Music Videos


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At a time when the album was nearing it’s completion, George from MUSICLAND was nice enough to offer his services to help us record some music videos. He was intrigued by our idea of combining a classical string quartet with a heavy rock band. This gave us an opportunity to search for and recruit some local musicians from Melbourne for a ‘one night only’ display show. In our search, we found an incomparable female string quartet made up by Lauren Steel (Viola), Natasha Prewett (Cello), Hilary Odgers (Violin) and Brigitte Bozyk (Violin). Not only did they bring class to the act but their credentials were nothing short of both impressing and intimidating. They effortlessly took on the challenge, seeing it as a ‘bit of fun’, and made a lasting impression. Adding to the line-up, we enlisted the renowned talents of Heavy Metal Guitarist, Gary Andrews and Dynamic, Heavy Hitting Drummer, Nick Grant.

Edge Of The Storm



When I Grow Up

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